About SBS

A world of difference

About SBS

As one of the five major free-to-air networks in Australia, SBS’s portfolio includes TV, radio and digital services.

The TV channels SBS, SBS HD, SBS VICELAND HD, SBS Food, SBS World Movies and NITV are watched by more than 13 million Australians each month.

SBS Radio is the world's most linguistically diverse radio network, broadcasting in more than 68 language programs to a potential audience of more than three million Australians who speak a language other than English in their homes. The portfolio includes SBS Radio 1, 2 and 3, SBS Radio 4, SBS Arabic 24 including SBS PopAraby, SBS PopDesi, SBS Chill and SBS PopAsia.

SBS On Demand, a video streaming service, has over 6,000 hours of programming and houses a curated selection of premium drama, documentaries and movies from across the world, available anytime, anywhere and absolutely free.


Our Purpose

SBS’s purpose is to inspire all Australians to explore, appreciate and celebrate our diverse world, and by doing so, contribute to an inclusive and cohesive society. Our commitment to contributing to the success of Australia as a multicultural nation was the bedrock for SBS’s foundation more than 40 years ago, and continues to be at the centre of our vision and strategy today.

SBS was founded on the belief that all Australians, regardless of geography, age, cultural background or language skills should have access to high quality, independent, culturally-relevant Australian media.

The multiple language programs available through SBS TV, radio and online ensure that all Australians are able to share in the experiences of others, and participate in public life. The quality of our programs and the multiplicity of our viewpoints come from the freedom we have to draw on the best of all cultures for our programming.